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Monday, 19 October 2015


The lovely ladies at Dolls Kill sent me this dress in the post saying that it reminded them of me and that they thought I would like it. They were absolutely right! Not only is it straight up my alley with the colour and the word PASTEL written across it but the material feels so smooth and I just love the neckline and the slit details. The neckline really reflects what a lot of people are wearing at the minute, I've been seeing lace up details on shoes, skirts, tops and now on a dress too! For those who are a bit more dark, there's a black version of this dress with GOTH written across it so you won't miss out. I really enjoyed taking photos in this dress although it was so risky whenever the wind blew as I couldn't wear pants underneath (major VPL alert!). Apart from that I felt really girly and cute because of the frilly socks and the fluffy bag I matched the dress with.

Pastel dress - Dolls Kill
Fluffy bag - The Ragged Priest
Fishnet tights - We Love Colors
Frilly socks - Primark
Lace up cleated heels - Public Desire

Monday, 5 October 2015

Pebble Collector

It's a surprise that any of these photos actually got taken because I was so distracted trying to find the prettiest pebble that I could. I'm glad they did though because these are probably my favourite photos that I've posted on my blog so far. I love how the background and my outfit all synchronize with blues and whites. I'm wearing one of my favourite bras on top of a cute white tshirt because I've always wanted to post photos of it but it's a bit see-through! (compulsory #freethenipple hashtag) I tried to find it on the website to add in the link and found myself ogling all of the pretty lingerie for about 40 minutes. I had to pull myself away before I did something drastic e.g bought everything on the website. They don't sell it anymore because I bought it so long ago but they still have loads of cagey bras in different colours that are similar! I think a bra like this can really make an outfit a lot more interesting and it means you don't have to bother with a necklace because of the detail at the top (although I like adding a cute choker with it sometimes!) When I originally bought this skirt it was a size 20 and was down to my ankles. I loved the material so much though and altered it to my size, a plus is that I've never seen another of this skirt anywhere! I have always been in love with these shoes but the moment that I had to walk across a rocky beach wearing them I felt like our relationship was over. No other shoes would have completed this outfit though, especially with the white fishnet socks. The last part of my outfit is the sunglasses which will always have a place in my heart because they are the first sunglasses that actually looked ok on me!

Sunglasses - Poppy Lissiman
Top - Charity Shop
Bra - Topshop (similar)
Skirt - Charity Shop
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Public Desire

Monday, 28 September 2015

Double Denim

For the past couple of days I have had "writer's block" and by that I mean that I have been obsessively playing the Sims 4 and ignoring my blogging duties. But I've finally managed to crawl out of my house and take some pics of this funky outfit. The title is Double Denim although it should probably be called Triple denim because of the added bumbag which I have no shame in wearing (why is everyone so embarrassed about bumbags?!). I've been looking for flared trousers for ages and whenever I find a pair they always have a horrible paisley pattern on or something that would be seen on an extremely enthusiastic festival goer with a flower crown. So I decided to buy some flared denim jeans instead. The jeans fit really nicely on the thighs although they're so long that I had to put my black chunky heels on (short girl problems). My favourite part of this outfit has to be the lace up detail on the top! I saw it in a charity shop and knew I'd never be able to find it anywhere else.

Top - Charity Shop
Flared Jeans - River Island (similar)
Denim Bumbag - IMGN by JayWill
Black Heels - New Look

Friday, 18 September 2015

Blue Flames

I love these two pieces of clothing and I always think "what can I pair this with?!". Then it clicked that I could put them together and voila! It works. I picked this top from the boohoo website as I'd been looking for an Austin Powers-esque keyhole top and this ticked all the boxes (especially since it's blue). I love the flame print on the skirt too, there's something very 90s about it and I'd imagine Destiny's Child might have worn something similar to this at some point. The socks are glittery with horses on that my mama bought me, and of course they are blue too. (Everything must be blue including the graffiti, which I didn't do may I add!) The shoes top it off as they're big and chunky which the rest of the outfit definitely isn't, I think it makes a nice balance.

Keyhole top -
Blue flames skirt - Phantasmagorik
Horse socks - Tesco (similar)
Shoes - Charity shop

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Big Green Wall

Summer is almost over and I'm desperately trying to make the most of all my cute summery outfits before the nice weather disappears completely! These were taken with a big grey cloud above me which soon after started to pour down so it's a miracle I don't look drowned. I often wear just white and I think that an all white outfit can be really simple yet stylish, however this time I decided to add in some extras to make the outfit a bit more interesting. The top and skirt have their own subtle details which is part of what I love about the outfit, there's a lot going on but you have to look closely. Written across the top is "ACIDA" in shiny white and the denim skirt is ripped at the bottom and frayed. The extras that I added in are the denim jacket, fishnet top, the sunglasses and of course the Lazy Oaf bag (that big purple thing that you can't miss).

Sunglasses - WolfNoir
Top - Acida
Fishnet top - We Love Colors
Denim skirt -
Bag - Lazy Oaf
Shoes - Nike

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Tennis Princess

If any of you grew up watching every single Disney film that was made (like I did) I'm sure a lot of you have dreamed of finding out that you're actually a princess or prince. Unfortunately for most of us this isn't the case, but there's nothing wrong with dressing up like royalty! I've always loved dressing up as a princess since I was younger (when it was acceptable) and have recently felt sad about not being able to walk out my front door in a big frilly ball gown! So to make myself feel better I put together a more modern, casual version of a princess outfit that you can wear out every day. The main princess parts of this outfit are the choker, the top and of course the extremely pretty and shiny bag! I feel like these three items come together really nicely because of the material; they're all quite shimmery and luxurious! I love the top enormously because of the flattering shape and the elegant neckline. For the rest of the outfit I chose more plain, casual pieces of clothing like the tennis skirt, the pink socks and the trainers. Now I'm going to go back to watching Cinderella!

Choker - Dynasti
Top - TopShop
Skirt - Kokopie
Socks - We Love Colors
Trainers - Nike (similar)

Friday, 31 July 2015

I'm Gna Wear Designer And Forget Your Name

Whenever something Versace comes along I have to refer back to Lady Gaga's song Donatella, hence the title of this post. Listening to that song (and just about any other Lady G song) makes me feel fab just like these jeans do too. I love the colour of them, it draws a lot of attention and it's great to be able to spruce up a casual, black top with them. Usually I wear the ankles rolled up but for the first time I didn't and they actually look like cigarette trousers which I really loved. I've always thought that cigarette trousers wouldn't look right on me because of me being short, but I was proved wrong! The shoes from Public Desire definitely had something to do with this though, they really topped off the outfit and the detail of the laces is really one of the big features of this outfit.

Black top - Primark
Versace Jeans - Rokit Vintage (all items are one of a kind but they have loads more cute jeans!!)
Sophia Platform Sandals - Public Desire