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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Almost Wednesday Addams

All I'd need for this outfit is two black plaits and I would be a girly Wednesday Addams (I already have the mood). She is all I could think of when I looked on the Kill Star website (where I got the dress from), if she were a real person I feel as though it would be one of her favourite stores. The dress is really simple but with small details that make it unique. The collar, diamond cut out and the pentagram print on the back are what give this dress individuality. I especially love the diamond cut out as it perfectly shows off my crystal necklace. The bag is also from Kill Star and something else that would be on Wednesday Addams' wish list. It's in the shape of a coffin and is the coolest backpack I've seen. Definitely my favourite part of this outfit. Not only is it quirky and attention grabbing (I've received many compliments from people), it's also really roomy which is why I've been taking it everywhere recently. My shoes are soft, velvety material and are the part of the outfit that veers away from the Wednesday Addams vibe. Matched with the dress I think the outfit becomes a lot more classy, my favourite thing about the shoes are the wrap around ties. I've never had shoes like these before but I'm in love with these ones! I added a sparkly jumper over the top because it was a little bit chilly too!

~Edit: just realised I haven't added a photo of the back of the dress, I'll be posting one on my instagram for you all!~

*Dress - KillStar
*Bag - KillStar
*Shoes - Public Desire
*Necklace - Tuppence Store
*Jumper - The Ragged Priest (sold out but they have other cute jumpers!)

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Nobody Cares

My mom and I just painted the wall in my back garden white so now I don't have to be stared at by strange men when I'm taking photos (my least favourite thing about being a blogger). That might mean that you see it in pretty much all my photos now, I'll try and mix it up a bit though! I really love this dress as it is the perfect fit, (and it's pink!). The elastic round the middle really defines the waist and the length of the dress is just how I like it - not too long but not showin' off my butt. The dress, bag and phone case are from Spoiled Brat, an online shop which sells some of my favourite brands. I like having this bag around because if someone says something boring I can just point to it to highlight how I feel (it's also really roomy). I used to have the Blanco phone case from ages ago but then my phone got stolen and I was devastated! So of course I had to add it into the little bundle that was being sent to me and now Blanco is back in my life.

*Dress - Valfré
*Bag - Killstar (bag no longer available on Spoiled Brat)
*Phone case - Valfré
*Tights - We Love Colors
*Shoes - Public Desire

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Charity Shop Charm

As a blogger I do get gifted quite a lot of clothes and for once I wanted to show what kind of things you can find in charity shops on a small budget. There are only a couple of accessories that were gifted to me by brands in these photos and the rest is either from charity shops or from Primark! My friend Kayla and I have always shopped at charity shops, especially when I first started out as a blogger and the majority of the clothes that I own are from charity shops. I think this is what helped me start out at first as I could always find something unique that no one else had which brought a lot of attention. I think that people underestimate the gems that you can find while routing through everyone's old clothes as gross as that sounds (don't worry, they usually clean them). For example the shoes that I'm wearing in these photos, they're weird but wonderful and I probably wouldn't have been able to find anything similar without paying a lot of money (platforms/buffalo style shoes are always so expensive!!). I also got the skirt and black denim jacket from a charity shop which I was so happy with as it's exactly the right oversized size (if that makes sense) and I love the colour. Another great thing about shopping in charity shops is that the money helps someone else, so you get cheap clothes and someone else's life improves at the same time! This whole outfit, excluding the jewellery and tights, cost me just under £15. The top is from Primark but I looked on the website and it's not there anymore so I've linked similar. I think it was around £3 from Primark but the one linked isn't too much more, it also has more detail in the middle and you get 2 in a pack too!

Top - Missguided (similar)
Denim Jacket - Charity Shop £4
Skirt - Charity Shop £1.50
Shoes - Charity Shop £5
*Ring - Regal Rose
*Tights - We Love Colors
*Goat Skull Necklace - Hellaholics (similar)
Turtle Necklace - A gift from my boyfriend, sorry I don't know where it's from!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Ugly Shit

I was planning on taking loads of outfit photos when I was in Wales but I, firstly, didn't have the time because I was too busy exploring and, secondly, wore boring outfits with Ben's big raincoat over the top for the majority of the trip. That's why my outfit of the day today is one from a couple of weeks ago, which also explains my lack of fringe. I keep thinking that this outfit looks really strange and I couldn't put my finger on why at first. I think it may be because I'm not wearing fishnet tights like I usually do. I couldn't find them on the day and my legs look so bare but maybe it's a start to getting out of my obsession with them (they just tie together every outfit ever!!). The top I'm wearing is a favourite of mine at the minute because it's the perfect length and has cute flowers on it (and also a naughty word). It's so easy to wear with jeans or a skirt so I just throw it on if I'm on my way out the house. The skirt I chose to wear it with is from so long ago when I used to work at River Island, in all honesty the fit wasn't great and I had to alter it slightly but I loved the material and colour so much it wasn't a massive issue. I don't think you can even get it any more but there's a lot of similar skirts out there in the interwebs (I've linked a couple but I can't find one of the same colour, sorry!). The jacket is the statement piece of this outfit. I really love the camouflage design with non traditional camouflage colours, even though it makes my eyes go funny if I stare at it too long! I've got a few denim jackets already so I was glad to finally get one that was funky and not just plain blue or black. It's labelled on the website as a boy's jacket but I got a small and it fits great! I hope you all had a good Easter! Ben and my parents managed to find some vegan Easter eggs for me so I got to stuff my face with chocolate just like everyone else!

(P.s the Timberland boots in my very pink post HERE have now been put on the website so I've updated the link at the bottom of the post if you want to take a look!)

*Ugly Shit Top - Lazy Oaf (coming out in April)
PU Mini Skirt - ASOS (black similar) Missguided (light blue similar)
*Camouflage Denim Jacket - Hayleigh Elsaesser
Boots - Dr Marten

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Groovy Baby

I've been looking for a pair of flares that are my style for so long, they came back into fashion not long ago and I was so sad because all I could find were flares with bohemian prints on them which really isn't my kind of thing (although it looks great on other people!). So I waited patiently until Hellaholics saved the day! They primarily sell jewellery, but I spotted these on the site too and asked to have it added to the bundle they were sending me. They're blue velvet, figure hugging and really comfy. I think they're really complimentary to my figure which a lot of tight trousers aren't, and I actually like the length even though, because I'm short, they were touching the floor. (What kind of short girl doesn't like a pair of trousers that make her look taller for the day??!) I matched this with a halter neck top with a psychedelic design and grey and pink PU boots (it's all getting very Austin Powers up in here). I had to lift up the bottom of the flares to show you the boots but when I walked they were shown off a little bit and I liked how subtle their appearance was.

*Psychedelic Halter Neck Top - American Deadstock
*Velvet Flares - Hellaholics
*PU Boots - Public Desire

Sunday, 6 March 2016

On Mother's Day We Wear Pink

My mom reminded me the other day about how, even though my favourite colour has always been turquoise, that I went through a phase of wearing pink constantly and telling everyone that it was my favourite colour. That was pretty much the inspiration for this outfit. I think what makes this work is the different textures and shades of pink. The top is velvet and has "Princess" written across it (so perfect for me since I'm basically a Disney princess). It's really nice and warm and has a high neck which I love and it separates the colour of the jacket and trousers so the pastel pink isn't too overpowering. The denim jacket is oversized, pink and has cats peeping on the pockets which is pretty much the reason I got it. It also matches the trousers which are a kind of canvas material and have happy and sad faces all over them. When it comes to the shoes, they are (almost) perfect. Everything about how they look and feel is amazing, until I realised that they were made partly of leather :( I wanted to just show you what they looked like but since I'm vegan I won't be wearing them anymore. The magenta colour is just amazing though and it really makes a statement by standing out against the rest of the outfit. It really is a shame that I couldn't wait until Wednesday to post this (obligatory Mean Girls reference) but Mother's Day will have to suffice. Make sure you show your mom how much you love and appreciate her today!

(None of what I'm wearing has been released yet but I will update this post when they are)

*Velvet Princess top - Lazy Oaf (available in April)
*Pink Cat denim jacket - Lazy Oaf (available in April)
*Happy Sad face trousers - Lazy Oaf (available in April)
*Magenta boots - Timberland

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

London Fashion Week x Rokit Vintage

The buzz from my 2 day London Fashion Week trip has finally worn off and it has left me wishing I had stayed longer but also wanting to sleep for a week (being #fashion is tiring work). Thankfully the gloomy weather didn't ruin the fun, although it did ruin my hair if you couldn't tell from the photos already. My outfits weren't the most suitable for the weather either and I had a feeling that would have been the case when I chose them, but I set my heart on an idea and went with it! The main parts of my outfit, the waist coat and the skirt, are from Rokit Vintage. I saw the skirt and fell in love with the 50s style even though it's not something I would usually wear. It gave me the idea of creating a gothic but classy look, maybe something you'd see on the red carpet. This is when I added the waist coat, I wore it without a top underneath for an elegant, low neckline but added the detail of a harness to keep it interesting. I really wish I could have worn the heeled version of these lace up shoes but the thought of walking around constantly in them for 2 days scared me off. This was my "hot widow at a funeral" look. On the second day I switched tops as I wanted to show how you could change the feel of an outfit almost completely by just replacing one element. This outfit version reminded me more of the ones you see on Grease, the top making it more innocent and prom like. As I've said before Rokit have some amazing vintage pieces that are one of a kind which means you'll always find something unique that no one else will have. I'm going to follow up this post with some cool pics I took in London too!

*Rokit Vintage are also letting me give you 20% off with this code:


If you want to take a look at all the cool stuff they have click here:


P.s apologies for the goofy face in picture 4 something amazing must have just happened