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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Sun Is Out !

Hello everyone! I wore this outfit for college the other day when it was nice and sunny and I need to share it with you all! Firstly, I've been waiting for this skirt to come back into stock on the Missguided website for months. I saw it a while ago and I was devastated when I found that they were all sold out. So of course, when I saw that other people had bought it recently I went straight there and did the same myself. I've always loved PVC skirts and the colour of this one is just perfect for me. I got the top from a charity shop and it has cheetahs (I have found myself googling cheetahs because I don't know the difference between that and a leopard) on it with circle sparkles all over. I've found myself wearing it with almost everything and anything so that I can show off my sparkles to the world like a proud parent. Another thing that is also glittery are my platform jelly shoes which have not left my feet since I bought them. They're clear with sparkles inside the plastic but when they go in certain light they turn lilac (as you can see in the photos). These shoes matched with some white fishnets were the perfect way to pull the outfit together.
I've used my favourite silver L'Oreal eyeshadow and the lilac Bourjois lipstick that was in my last post. The silver eyeshadow is extremely good and you don't need to put much on for it to be a strong colour which is why I love it.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post, if not then I shall be sad because a man came up to me while I was taking the photos and asked what I was doing. I think he thought I was taking photos of his garage but I was embarrassed. Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New Make Up

Not so long ago me and Kayla went into Birmingham to the Rag Market (after making a quick detour to grab some bubbletea) to have a look for some new make up. I managed to pick up some cool stuff for hardly any money and all of this make up cost just under £4 even though it should have been around £30 for all of it (£29.87 to be exact). That price might not be completely accurate though because the lipsticks are pretty old and it was difficult to find a trustworthy original price for them. In this little collection of make up I have some Barry M blue mascara, Max Factor eyeshadow, Rimmel Metallic Stars Roll On eyeshadow, some Fudge lipstick and Bourjois lipstick. I think my favourites are the pearly eyeshadow and lipstick because they look so icey but quite subtle. You'll probably see me wearing different combinations of all this make up in some of my future posts so keep a look out. Thanks for reading :) 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

River Island Uniform

After getting ready for work earlier I realised that I was 2 hours early and so I have taken some photos of my uniform which I've been meaning to take for a while. I think "uniform" is a bit of a loose term for what we have to wear since it's just River Island clothes rather than a fixed uniform. We get to pick some things from the shop to wear and this time round I chose a tight fitting jumper top and the new mom jeans. I've wanted a pair of mom jeans for so so long but I was always too lazy to find some. So when I saw these in the shop I made sure that I'd have them for my uniform. They're mega comfy and the only way I can describe them is that they make me feel like a teddy bear. They've got a cool belt that comes with them too. It's black with gold wolves on it and a gold chain on the side. My mom says about how much she loves the belt every time I have these jeans on and I think she's devising a plan to steal it somehow. The only bad thing about the jeans is that I've had to make another hole in the belt because they keep falling down (they're a size 6??) but they're okay now.

The top is a size 6 too and it fits perfectly. It's tight fitting which is great and I love the neckline because it's in between a turtle neck and a crew neck and I think it's quite flattering. The top comes in loads of different colours, I think there's white, pink and orange (Scooby Doo Velma kind of orange).

My make up is really simple because I don't want to turn up to work looking like I've come straight from a night out. I normally just put on a bit of eyeliner and mascara but lately I've just been wearing none. My shoes are the same ones that were in my last post and I got them from eBay.
I got my uniform for free but the jeans were originally £40 and the top was £25.
I can't find the link for the top but if you want to take a look at the jeans here's the link:

Thanks for reading, I gotta rush off to work now :)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Dungaree Day

After finding out that Spongebob isn't on until later today I remembered that I took these photos on a dungaree day not so long ago and that it was about time for another outfit post. I'm wearing these cute white and dark grey striped dungarees with leather look straps (my favourite thing about them) that I bought from River Island last year and a black crinkly top that I found in a charity shop. I don't know what the top is made of but it feels really strange and extra light. I like the material though because I think anything touchy-feely is cool (like those books you used to have when you were little). I got my shoes from eBay and I've been wearing them almost every day since they arrived at my house. They're quite similar to ones in highstreet shops and a lot of people have mistaken them for ones they've seen in River Island or TopShop, I'm really sad though because I've already scuffed the front of them and had to colour it in with black pen :(
I tried to find the link for the boots on eBay but I've lost it somewhere but I think if you just type in black platform boots and scroll for a while you'll be able to find them or similar.

It has actually taken me so long to write this because Spongebob came on halfway through and I was having too much fun watching it, but we got there in the end. Also for those of you who follow me on Instagram I've broken my phone so that's why I haven't posted anything in such a long time. I'll be back before you know it though. Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Coolest Backpack Ever

So the other week I bought the coolest backpack I've ever seen in my life. I can't even remember how I found it if I'm honest with you but it was at some point through one of my midnight eBay shopping sprees that I discovered it. A few people I know were telling me that it's absolutely ridiculous and that I should not, in any circumstance, buy that backpack. And of course I did it anyway.

I wanted to look really cute and bug eyed for these photos so I did my Japanese style make up which I learnt from watching a few different tutorials. This and the loose, messy pigtails made me feel small and dainty. For my outfit I also have my new favourite shoes (how amazing are they??!) and sweater on which haven't graced my blog yet. They both happen to be the same colour which seems like it's starting to be a trend for me. I got the jumper for £2.25 and the shoes for £3, both from a charity shop, and I matched these with some P.E shorts that are from when I was little (7-8 years apparently??). The tiger backpack was about £23 off eBay and it is literally the size of my back, as you can see in those photos. I still don't have a name for him, although me and my friend like the name Chester. If you have any ideas make sure to leave a comment below and I'll pick one for him! It's gotta be a pretty cool name for a pretty cool tiger backpack.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, 15 November 2013

College Outfit #2

The other week I bought some new clothes from Asos and was lucky enough to have them arrive just before going to college that day. So naturally I went all out and did my hair and make up to match. The end result was a somewhat mild goth-child look but I think that's due to the plaits and choker.

In the first photo I'm wearing my sister's cute little velvet jacket thing that makes me feel about 6. I'm not really sure what to class it as because it's kind of a dress but with short sleeves, a zip and hoody. I'm going to call it a cloak though because it sounds cool and mysterious.
After writing all of that I just found out that it is actually beach wear from Ethel Austin and now it doesn't feel so mysterious... or cool. (Who would even wear that to the beach??)
Moving on, I'm a real big fan of tartan at the minute as you've probably noticed and I actually just can't keep my hands off it. I have bought so much that I think it's becoming an addiction and this is not the last piece of tartan clothing that I'll be showing you all I'm afraid. These are from Asos and they feel incredible. They're really soft and I always end up stroking them without realising. But they are also the most annoying pair of leggings I've ever owned. They could actually be used as a cleaning device because every tiny bit of fluff or dust sticks to them, living with pet cats and dogs you can imagine my struggle every time I wear them. Still really great though, just have to make sure I never brush past anything while wearing them ever.

The black top is also from Asos and it is mega comfy. It's a woolly material and is slinky so it just kinda hangs around there, but it fits really well. There isn't really much to say about it because it is essentially just a black top, but it doesn't collect fluff so there's something.

The choker is from eBay and the black boots are from my sister's wardrobe hehe. I did my hair in three plaits because I had too much hair for two but I like it better like that anyway and my hair went so wavy after it was great. My makeup was literally whatever I had managed to put on my face that morning before college. Here's some photos of my hair and makeup close up, I'm getting a Tomb Raider vibe from these. But that could just be wishful thinking.

Thanks for reading ! :)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Burberry Bodice

Hey everyone :) Continuing from my post yesterday, here are the photos of what I bought at BuyMyWardrobe Live a few weeks ago. I've been buying a lot of leotards lately and knew that this Burberry bodice had a place in my collection (at only £30 too). It's a really nice, delicate material (more see through than I thought it would be) and the tartan-y pattern is going to fit in well this winter since everyone is wearing it. I really love the old fashioned high leg aerobics leotards and swimsuits and I've been trying to look for some for so long. This is similar to what I had in mind with the high rise sides and thong but not the colours, however I think this is much more classy anyway. (Took some inspiration from Lady Gaga's single cover here because I didn't want you all to see my butt hehe). If I were going to a party I'd probably wear this with my fish net midi skirt. But for out and about in the day I'm thinking of buying some white high waist trousers to wear with it. I kinda just want to clash it with some more tartan though ahhh.

My make up is the same from the tutorial someone asked me to so if you want to know all the secrets the post is somewhere down there 

Thanks for reading :)